Price List

All prices are in Australian dollars

Custom Made Bride & Groom  $489

2 fully custom made figurines, hairstyles, flowers, jewellery, accessories, skin tone, height differences and the pose you would like them in.

Price includes clothing copied in detail from your photos, wedding attire, sport uniforms or work uniforms.

Price also includes small props, things like:

Trade tools
Shopping bags
Sporting equipment
Signs or flags
Drinks - wine, beer cans or bottles
Laptops or phones
Fishing rods
Surfboard or skis

Base with names and wedding date

Price does not include cars, boats or bikes

Custom Made Kids

Babies & toddlers $89

Children $119

Teens $149

Includes accessories and toys

Custom Made Pets

Cats and dogs $89 each

Small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and small birds can be included at no extra cost


 Within Australia $20
International delivery - please email for a quote